A beautifully simple museum style finish for the IKEA Detolf display cabinet and your precious collectibles.

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LED Light Kits
Custom lighting solutions for the IKEA Detolf. Quick and easy installation with hidden wiring and super bright LEDs

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LED Display Signs
Customisable LED display tiles and holograms. Enhance your display of collectibles with this range of customisable display pieces.

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The TCC Giftshop for t-shirts and more. A range of t-shirts, mugs and other accessories from The Collection Corner.

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LED Light Kits

Iron Man LED Hologram

LED Display Tiles

Product Installation Guides

Installation guide for the Downlighter LED light kit

Installation guide for the Invisible LED light kit

Supplementary installation for the Invisible LED light kit

About the Collection Corner

Welcome to my little corner of the internet where you'll find information on the LED light kits and display signs that I hand make. I have custom designed IKEA Detolf lighting and LED kits so that they install quickly and easily into the IKEA Detolf display cabinet. I started this because it was a challenge for myself to light my collection of Hot Toys in an efficient way that hides the wiring and LED strips from view and directs all the light onto the subject. I don't know about you, but I prefer to have a nice clean display so my view of my precious collectibles is clear and unobstructed.

Check out my videos and pictures of my collection and light kits to see the difference it can make to your collection and let me know if I can help with designing a kit that suits your needs.

If you have a cabinet, cupboard, set of shelves or anything else you would like to apply my LED lighting kits to, then please fill in the enquiry form below and I will be happy talk with you about the right design for your needs.

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