A little catch up

So it’s been a while since I’ve done any proper updates to the site, but there’s all new stuff to come. I’ve recently relocated myself and The Collection Corner back to the UK from Thailand. It’s been a somewhat stressful process and I’m still in the middle of playing catch up and awaiting for things to arrive from the Land of Smiles. The positive thing is that there is a lot of opportunity for me to expand on the LED light kits and promote in the UK and I’m looking forward to hitting all of the Comic Con events that are on here during the year and being able to expand on the product lines. 

There’s lots of changes I’m going to be making over the coming months including a redesign of the site and the addition of new products. You may have already noticed the new branding and logo and the addition of a line of t-shirts to the product pages. 

I want to thank my loyal fans for the support over the last few months and for the positivity that’s been pouring in during the trials I’ve had to face over the relocation. If you’re not already following me on the usual channels, pop along to these links and add me for updates and keep your eyes peeled for the newsletter and other features coming soon. 


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