Custom LED light Kits

Here's a selection of my custom light kits. Originally produced to fit the IKEA Detolf, glass display cabinet, each style can be custom made to suit your needs.

If you're looking to purchase multiple kits, or have a custom design in mind, contact me for a quote.

**Please note that current Production timescales are around 4 weeks due to demand**

Invisible LED Light Kit MkIII

For the IKEA Detolf Cabinet


Downlighter LED Light Kit

For the IKEA Detolf cabinet


Custom Kits

The Invisible and Downlighter LED lighting systems are a simple and effective solution that can be adapted to almost any lighting application including, cabinets and cases, bookshelves, cupboards, ceiling down lighting and under cabinets in the kitchen and around the home.

You can pop me an enquiry if you have any ideas or a more specific set up in mind.

Looking for a custom build?

this is the standard kit, please contact me for custom orders.

Installation Video: Invisible Kit into an Ikea Detolf.

Installation Video: Downlighter Kit into an Ikea Detolf.


When I picked up my first Detolf cabinet from good old IKEA, I didn't light it at all. I think I knew that a second cabinet was only round the corner and when I looked at the current lighting options, they didn't inspire me one bit. I've seen a lot of different solutions and the most common and most flexible is the LED strip light set. Thing is, the light is always exposed at the front, and this can blind you a little when looking in and it's always a little distracting when you're watching the old "goggle box". It can also be a pain with exposure when you're trying to take a quick snap.

Now, I'm a fairly handy kind of guy and as customising is somewhat inherent to this hobby, and with the purchase of a second cabinet I figured I'd better make something that fit my needs. So, using a roll of waterproof LEDs, some good quality, grey electrical conduit and plenty of tape, wire and solder, I managed to light up my 2 cabinets and eliminate any light coming out of the front for not much more than some of the other pre-made kits out there.

After a friend of mine asked me to knock up a kit that he could take home and put in his cabinet himself, I figured, why not offer this out as a product for other collectors to enjoy?!

If you like what you see in the pictures and video below, then feel free to message me with the type of setup that you have, Detolf or otherwise, and I'll see what I can do about making you a kit.

Cool white LEDs


    • Thanks James. I’m quite pleased with how this one has come together. I will be making an installation video for the full kit, but I’m waiting on my stock of warm lighting.

  1. what’s the price for your detolf kit? I just got two of them put together and am now looking for lighting options. your kit looks pretty great!

    • Hi Mark, I custom make them to order and it’s around a one week turnaround.
      To install the Invisible kit, you need to remove the door and the top, but isn’t too tricky. Whereas the Downlighter can just slot right in.
      Let me know if you have any further questions

  2. Just received my custom lighting kit from Dave and I must say, i am very impressed!

    First saw his post regarding the “invisible” kit from a FB page where he posted it, so I contacted him if he is able to make me one. He took it up without hesitations.

    As I am not very good at DIY myself, he proposed another kit which requires less removing of a Detolf shelf door and fixing it back on again since I prefer something easier to fix on.

    He took a very short period of time to fix everything up, and took the effort to answer my endless questions which I was curious about. He even put up an installation video on how to fix up the kit on youtube. I believe you can find his link above!

    Very detailed and the kit arrived shortly in less than 5 days. He even sent pictures to me regarding everything I needed to know. I am very pleased with the whole setup now, since the usual LED lights are being displayed without anything hiding it, which is not up to my expectations. But with the custom light kit that Dave has made me, I am delighted that I got him to help me do one up.

    His efforts into explaining step by step is very much a plus point, something like after sales service which I very STRONGLY recommend collectors who need a custom light kit from him, do look him up as he is one of the best you can find in terms of his service and product! And he has a very nice collection too!

    Thank you once again Dave for the efforts and great product you have made, I am so digging it, great for my collection!


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  4. Hi Dave

    Very well done! As a hobby, I actually make my own lighting and display cabinets for my 1/6 figures. I have had several collectors ask me about how I light my displays and I can only explain I DIY.

    Your kit is similar to the LEDs I use and your application of them seem really easy to install, great work.

    I truly believe using the right lighting makes a huge different to the figures, so marginal figures become great in the right lighting and great figures become marginal in the wrong lighting.

    All the best and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for your kind comments. I do appreciate a good bit of DIY! It’s all been a great learning process for me and given me a little part time venture to keep me busy and collecting 😀

  5. Hello, im interested in the led lights for the curio.. i want to know wht’s the difference between the two lights?? The cool white and warm white..?? Thanx for a reply..

  6. iv just bought 2 detolf ikea units and would be interested in buying 2 of your MK2 invisible light kits. I’m in Aberdeen UK. How much would they cost including postage to Aberdeen UK? Thanks Nicola

    • Hi Nicola, thanks for your enquiry. Express shipping is included in the price, so nothing extra to pay. 🙂
      *edit: Shipping has now been added as an extra cost due to a rather large increase in prices by Thailand Post.

  7. I purchased the Invisible Light Kit from David for my Ikea Detolfs approximately two years ago and they are still going strong offering beautiful light to all my figures! David is A+ and highly recommended on my behalf. I am in the process of purchasing two more kits as I just got a pair of additional detolfs!

    • Hey Michael, sorry I only just saw your message in amongst all the spam comments that I get. Hopefully your lights should be nearly with you by now 😉

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