Light Kit Installation Videos

Video guides for installing your LED lighting and display signs

Invisible LED Lighting System

Invisible LED Lighting Supplement

Downlighter LED Lighting System

Pose Ideas Videos

Get ideas on poses for your Hot Toys and other scale collectibles

Hot Toys Ant Man MMS308 Pose Ideas

Hot Toys Iron Man MkXLii MMS197 Pose Ideas

Art Figures Judge Dredd AF015 Pose Ideas

Hot Toys Captain America MMS243 Pose Ideas

Showcase & Modification Videos

Hot Toys modifications guides and display showcase videos

Hot Toys Superman MMS152 LED Base Mod

IKEA Detolf LED Lighting Showcase Video

Hot Toys War Machine MMS198 Landing Pose & Neck Mod

1:4 Scale Iron Man Mk42 LED Hologram Showcase Video

My Personal Collection Showcase Video

LED Display Tiles Showcase & Installation Video

1:6 Scale Iron Man Mk43 LED Hologram Showcase Video

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Showcase