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IKEA Detolf lighting kit

Ken From California Has A Thing For Iron Man!

Ken's California Collection

Ken's extensive Iron Man collection is only continuing to grow!


Hey Dave,

Happy Holidays my friend. Hope all is well. Just wanted to give you an update on my lights. I currently now have 7 detolfs all lit up with your LED light kit. The Detolfs look freaking amazing!

Take Care



Ken has moved his cabinets around a couple of times and now has a single Detolf on it's side on top of his others, a unique way to build upon his display!

Each of his Detolf cases is fitted with the Downlighter LED lighting solution using the pure white LEDs. I also made a custom uplighter for his Hot Toys Suit Up Gantry to be desk mounted.

Stormtrooper costume

Neil Demonstrates The Power Of Colour

UK Neil Collection

Just a small part of Neil's awesome Star Wars collection


Hi there Dave.


Just to let you know I received the LED light kits the other day. Packaging was superb and no issues of damage. I have put the lights all together and inserted them in my Detolf Cabinets. Wow they are amazing.!! Absolutely love them. Thanks ever so much for making these I really do think they are the best out there. Keep on Collecting..



Best regards


Neil, UK


Neil has an amazing collection including a Stormtrooper and Cylon costume set up in his display area!

Each of the Detolf cases are fitted with the TCC Invisible LED lighting kit with RGBW LEDs which use a remote control to enable a full spectrum of colour changing abilities.

Fan Collection

Neil in the UK has finished his “little” display.

Fan Collection

Neil's Man Cave


I just wanted to send you a picture of my collectables/cabinets that is finally finished and all displayed. Obviously your lighting is in the Detolfs, but I wanted to show u my whole collection. Hope u like it all. I'm really happy with the man cave now Emoji Thanks again for all your help. 

A beautiful bank of IKEA Detolf cabinets on a raised platform makes for a powerful and unique display!

Each of the Detolf cases are fitted with the TCC Invisible LED lighting kit with white LEDs.