If you’re in the collecting world of Hot Toys and the like, you’re almost certain to have seen some of the video reviews done by Andre at Xenom0rph. He bought a couple of my Downlighter lighting kits earlier on this year and after installing was impressed enough to feature them in his collection update video on his YouTube channel. 

Well he’s recently decided it’s time to replace those standard LEDs from IKEA for his other cabinets and this photo will give you a nice comparison so that you can see the difference. I’m looking forward to his next update after he’s finished installing the rest of his kits and got his bank of Detolfs all brightly lit to show off his impressive collection!

Make sure you head over to YouTube and subscribe to his channel and show him support for his terrific reviews. I’ve been promised that there’s more reviews coming very soon after he returns from holiday 😉

Thanks for checking back in and keep collecting!!

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